A popular open-air bath that you can reach by cable car

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Open-air bath in the sky

Open-air bath in the sky Image
Open-air bath in the sky Image
Open-air bath in the sky Image
Open-air bath in the sky Image
Open-air bath in the sky Image

At this open-air bath, you can enjoy the scenery of the mountain village of Iya and a view of Iya Valley.
The open-air bath is made of local Awa Aoishi stones, which has a unique bluish color. Here, you can feel the warmth of nature.
The pure sulfur spring is gentle on the skin, heals you from fatigue, and makes your skin beautiful. Soak in the hot spring and heal your body and mind while gazing at the scenery of the Iya woodland with the birds chirping and the gentle breeze blowing through Iya Valley.


Private bath

We have private baths that you can have to yourself. You can choose between an open-air bath and a Goemon bath.
If you want to use a private bath, please make a reservation at the front desk on the day you want to use it.

Public Bath

Public Bath Image
Public Bath Image

There is a public bath on the 3rd floor. You can soak leisurely in this expansive bath, and the pure sulfur water is gentle on your skin.
You can view the great wilderness from the large windows.
*There is also a sauna and cold bath in the public bath.



Taste local dishes around an irori hearth

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Dinner Image
Dinner Image
Dinner Image
Dinner Image


Enjoy the taste of Iya around a traditional Japanese hearth. Eat delicious food and make memories.
You can enjoy local dishes such as grilled skewered potatoes, buckwheat porridge, and Iya soba. Grilled and salted ayu sweetfish is delicious grilled slowly over charcoal fire.

Hours18:00-21:00 (entry ends at 19:30)

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In the morning, we serve Japanese breakfast made with local ingredients from the mountains and rivers. Enjoy a Japanese countryside breakfast with steaming rice, miso soup, and local side dishes.

Hours7:30-9:30 (entry ends at 8:30)

About meal

[Regarding food allergies]

Please let us know if you have any allergies when you make a reservation. We will use substitute ingredients.
In particular, we serve soba dishes such as Iya soba, so please contact us in advance if you have a soba allergy.

[For vegetarian and vegan guests]

We will try to meet dietary restrictions as best as we can, so please contact us in advance.


You can choose a room type

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